Company information

Management Philosophy

(feeling relaxed and without worry)

いきいき IKI-IKI
(the feeling of springtime, fresh green leaves, energetic rebirth)

(a sense of new growth and activity, a flower bud bursting into flower)

Autonomy, Responsibility and Sense of Mission
We believe that to best help our customers, to satisfy their needs and reduce their worries, it is our duty to pursue their goal as if it was our own, to create a final result that delights them and their customers, that excites them, and surpasses their expectations.

Corporate Motto

“to be of help to people”
“to grow and mature”
“to share”
“to generate profits”

Corporate Policy

1. Maintain a strong business base
2. Revitalize the workforce
3. Manage efficiently

About the Corporate Logo of SHINSEN Group


To create something new and contribute to society, we believe that uniting as a team and helping each other are the most important and valuable things we can do. “Two heads are better than one”, as they say, and three heads are better than two, so even more heads can be better to create something good. We, a company of hard workers united by dedication to our goals, would like our work to convey an invaluable impression to as many people as possible, and hopefully even to the next generation. This corporate logo illustrates our wish; the two curved lines stretching vertically express imagination and the image of holding hands and cooperation, and the circle in the middle expresses everyone’s impression coming from our work. The two shades of blue, our corporate color, represent the waters of the city of Niigata.