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When it comes to events and conventions, we are the professionals.
Our experienced staff can support every kind of convention and arrange the ideal meeting place.

[Our Services]
●Trade fairs, exhibitions
●Conferences, symposia, seminars, etc.
●SP (sales promotion) events
●Sports and recreational competitions
●Academic conferences
●Ceremonies, receptions, parties
●Cultural and arts and entertainment exhibitions and festivals

[ Head Office ]
2-3-23 Kandoji, Chuo-ku, Niigata, 950-0983 Japan
TEL. 025-243-6827 (main phone number) FAX.025-241-0768
[ Toki Messe Office ]
Bandai-jima Building 16F, 5-1 Bandai-jima, Chuo-ku, Niigata, 950-0983 Japan
TEL. 025-243-7040 (main phone number) FAX.025-243-7041


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We offer products such as windows, doors and other products around the bathroom such as toilets, baths and kitchens to make everyday life comfortable.

[Our Services]
●Certified installer of Panasonic built-in kitchen units and modular bathrooms in Niigata Prefecture and the Shutoken-Kanto region
●Certified installer and inspection/maintenance service provider for Panasonic home-use elevators throughout Niigata Prefecture
●House remodeling business as a certified member of Panasonic remodeling partner services (for the elderly, and general inspection and remodeling) in the Kaetsu region of Niigata Prefecture

[ Head Office ]
2-3-23 Kandoji, Chuo-ku, Niigata, 950-0983 Japan
TEL. 025-243-1491 (main phone number) FAX.025-249-6488
[ Kanto branch ]
Uingu Building 304, 5-6-20 Shirahata, Saitama Shi Minami Ku, Saitama Ken, 336-0022, Japan
TEL. 048-711-6422 FAX.048-838-6110

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With 50 years of experience and trusted reliability, when it comes to events, consult with NIIGATA-KIKAKU Inc.

[Our Services]
●Planning and information services for special events
●Planning, composing and directing stage shows
●Organizing entertainers, presenters and lecturers

<Advertising Agent>
●Newspaper advertisement ●TV commercials ●Radio commercials ●Posters
●Catalogs ●Flyers (Models and photographers included)  ●Commercial songs
●Video production ●Background Music production

<Travel Agent>
●Travel planning
●Combination planning of tours and shows

●Leasing show related equipment, such as sound and lighting equipment, musical instruments, etc.
●Writing lyrics, composing and arranging music, and CD production

2-3-23 Kandoji, Chuo-ku, Niigata, 950-0983 Japan
TEL. 025-242-0360 (main phone number) FAX.025-243-7215


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We support all academic conferences

【[Our Services]
●Academic conferences (congresses, societies, etc.)
●PCO (Professional Congress Organizer)
●Planning and operations management of events and conventions

●Production of printed materials
●Interview and editing work
●Design and creation of additional materials for the event

OSM Building 1F, 310 Toyano, Niigata Shi Chuo Ku, Niigata Ken, 950-0951, Japan
TEL. 025-282-7030 (main phone number) FAX.025-282-7048


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To assure our customers’ satisfaction, meet their needs and bring a smile to their faces, we use conventional 2x4 framing construction and other suitable construction methods. We have our own pre-fabrication factory to ensure that from design to construction, we follow a single consistent system to make your house safely.

[Our Services]
●Newly built houses
●Remodeling houses
●Real estate
●Pre-cut processing

[ Head Office ]
1-53-12, Hokuyo, Nagaoka Shi, Niigata Ken, 940-0871, Japan